UX / UI designer
Digital marketing specialist

I will develop a professional website from A to Z based on the goals and needs of your business.

Creation of digital marketing strategy and tactics according to your business growth and development goals, development of digital advertising campaign, digital marketing services

Google Professional Certification

California Institute of the Arts

Google Professional Certification

Digital Marketing Institute

University of Daugavpils

Bachelor of Arts, Computer Design

Hello! I'm Ilze, a UX/UI designer and digital marketer who takes special pleasure in creating exceptional user experiences. The beginning of my journey in the world of design was in 2011, when I started my studies in the Bachelor's study program Art, with a specialization in Computer Design.

In the last year, I have learned and practiced UX/UI design and digital marketing. I am now on a mission to combine creativity with functionality to create intuitive and aesthetically pleasing digital solutions and help companies achieve their goals in developing digital marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

Education / Certificates


I'm always open to new opportunities and collaborations. If you're looking for a UX/UI designer and digital marketer who can bring your project to life and ensure that it not only looks great, but also delivers a great user experience and achieves your company's goals, don't hesitate to get in touch. Let's work together to create something great.

My approach

user-centric design

understanding the user pain points

understanding user needs and motivations

design thinking

defining the problem

target audience research

problem solving

My skills

Digital Marketing


creating a user persona

defining SMART goals




visual design

email marketing




social media marketing


content marketing



colour theory

development of marketing strategy

user journey map




user research



modern house

the construction of modular houses
landing page


accounting service
landing page


design and construction company
landing page




Claude monet

travel agency
landing page


the career of the famous French painter Claude Monet
biography page

Latvia travel

touring Latvia
business card page


Work Stages

01 Briefing

  • We will go through a detailed briefing, which includes the necessary information and conditions for the project, we will discuss the project goals, company and organization information, audience, website functionality, design and appearance, content planning, technical conditions, etc.
  • We will agree on the deadline for project development, costs, the list of necessary materials (for example, logo, photos, etc.), as well as the type and frequency of communication.

02 Prototype

  • We will create a mood board to visually collect and represent the mood, style, colour palette, images and other elements that characterize a specific design or concept idea
  • We will work on creating information and content to make your website attractive, informative and useful to your target audience.
  • We will develop a prototype of the website, it is usually a simplified and experimental model that may include functionality and/or design, but it is not fully developed or a ready product.
  • We will discuss the sequence of text blocks based on relevance to the target audience. The sequence of text blocks on a website is a critical aspect that affects the reliability, readability and user experience of the page.

03 Design

  • We will develop a design concept that includes the main ideas and style you want to implement in the look of the website. This step may include choices about the colour scheme, typography, images, and overall style of the homepage
  • We will take into account the variety of different devices and screen sizes, we will develop a prototype that ensures that the website displays and works correctly on both computers and mobile devices
  • Prototype implementation, testing and revisions
  • Complete development of the approved design prototype

04 Transferring the design to Tilda

  • Transferring the approved design prototype to the Tilda platform
  • Website adaptation for all devices (computer and mobile adaptation)
  • Website testing and correction, adjustment of basic technical settings
  • Connection of desired additional services and installation of technical settings (CRM, Payment systems, SEO, Google Analytics, etc.)
  • A completely ready and functioning website will be delivered to you.
  • After handing over the site, let's set up a call on the Zoom video conferencing site. During the call, I will explain website management, how to add, edit or delete content and other activities related to website maintenance.


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